Patent-Pending PV Racking System

Geometric Energy's first-ever publicly released invention, Lumenarx, is a patent-pending, scalable, photovoltaic racking system that arranges photovoltaic cells into a mathematically optimized structure to increase their power output.

Lumenarx uses an angled mirror system to collect and concentrate incoming sunlight onto several solar panels, but unlike conventional photovoltaic racking systems, many of the solar panels in Lumenarx face downwards. Downward-facing panels avoid common issues faced by conventional photovoltaics such as weather damage and glare.

Lumenarx has a competitive payback period and increased power output over both flat fixed-angle and dual-axis tracking photovoltaic cells. The design is fully scalable and has applications for residential, commercial, utility, or off-grid installations. For competitive performance, it is used in conjunction with a dual-axis solar tracker, so that it is pointed directly at the sun for the entire day.

The design was optimized for increased efficiency using Geometric Energy’s ray-tracing software, which uses mathematical principles to simulate incoming light rays and draw out their paths as the rays reflect off the mirrors and onto the solar panels.

Exclusive and non-exclusive licensing opportunities are currently available in a wide variety of industries and markets. Please contact us for more information.

These pictures show our current prototype. A system of mirrors collects and concentrates sunlight onto solar panels located above, with additional panels on top. The entire device sits on a dual axis tracker.