Electrochemical Research and Development

We are creating a revolutionary non-toxic, non-explosive, and non-flammable all-solid-state sodium ion battery, and it’s going to transform the field of battery technology. Traditional liquid electrolyte batteries of all sizes overheat, explode, and cause ecological damage, and a solution to this problem has been eluding electrochemists for decades. Our fundamental advantage is our access and collaboration with a world-famous, cutting-edge battery research lab at the University of Calgary called the Thangadurai group. With over thirty years of research under his belt, Dr. Thangadurai is an invaluable resource, and together, we are going to introduce huge changes to the global battery market.

Photovoltaic Systems Engineering

We are developing a ground-breaking, highly efficient solar device with a competitive payback period. In modern photovoltaic cells, the issue of efficiency has always been a significant obstacle, and a structural change is necessary to bring photovoltaics to the forefront of the energy industry. To maximize the efficiency of our device we have implemented sophisticated optical engineering and mathematical optimization techniques. Our final product, made possible through these innovative techniques, will revolutionize how the photovoltaics industry thinks about LCPV (low concentration photovoltaic) solar arrays.

Research Disclosure

Due to the private nature of the intellectual property, the details of our inventions are not publicly disclosed. Please contact us if you are interested in entering into a non-disclosure agreement with us regarding our technologies.