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Geometric Energy Corporation

Company Description

Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) is an intellectual property, manufacturing and logistics firm originally founded on inventing renewable energy technologies. The company has since expanded into other divisions including the energy, space, software, and medical industries. These key areas of focus have led to the development of four subsidiaries of which GEC is the parent company: Geometric Space, GeometricLabs, Geometric Medical, and Geometric Gaming.

Company Description

Company Mission

GEC invents, manufactures, and services academia, industry, and government in the energy, space, software, and medical sectors.


Medical & Non-Medical

Nitrile Gloves Manufacturing

In response to the pandemic, GEC became a leading supplier of ethically-sourced medical nitrile gloves to the Government of Canada, Public Health Agency Canada, and various private companies in the United States with end users such as FEMA, Nursing Home Networks, and Academic Institutions. Our offerings also include natural rubber latex gloves and non-medical gloves.

Research & Development

Intellectual Property Development

The energy systems division of GEC is currently focused on the development of a Solid State Sodium Ion Battery Product Suite in collaboration with the University of Calgary Thangadurai Lab, funded by NSERC. GEC provides research and development services within our key areas of specialization: energy systems, space and defense, theory and computation, blockchain and cybersecurity, medical technology, and advanced research projects. We offer scientific services, technology vetting, product developmen

Procurement & Logistics

Freight by Ocean, Land, and Space

GEC provides logistics and procurement services for medical devices and space missions. We import and distribute both Health Canada authorized nitrile gloves in Canada, and non-medical latex gloves across America. We also provide CubeSat integration services for launches to Earth Orbit, the Moon, and Mars.